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A Family-Owned Plumbing Company Serving Los Angeles, The San Fernando Valley and Ventura County for Over 25 Years, Overland Plumbing is proud to serve the residents of Sierra Madre, California. This area has a long and rich history in dating back to approximately 500 BC when a Tongva group migrated from the Mojave area to what would become Los Angeles County. By 1769, the first Spanish settlers arrived in the region, finding an estimated 5,000 Tongva living in 31 villages.

Sierra Madre is historically linked to the old mountain resorts of the San Gabriel Mountains and Valley. The Sierra Madre Villa Hotel was a pioneer of summer resorts that populated the San Gabriel Valley in the late 19th century. This piece of history is worth mentioning because at that time, thousands of people drove their cars to Sierra Madre to hike the original Mt. Wilson Trail which is often referred to as “Lizzie’s Trail”. One of the catalysts for interest in this area was that Harvard College established the first Mount Wilson Observatory in 1889. The installation of the Harvard telescope in 1889 was an endeavor that piqued curiosity when they had to move massive amounts of delicate equipment up the trail to the top of Mt. Wilson. The trail  essentially became a roadway and a toll was set by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors at 25 cents for hikers and 50 cents for horseback and was the new road was officially called the “New Mt. Wilson Trail”. Foot and pack animal traffic became so heavy that in June 1893 the trail was widened to six feet. Popularity grew so much that the Pacific Electric “Red Cars” established a route to Sierra Madre which ran from 1906 through 1950.

Sierra Madre exudes an ambiance of a quaint, charming, small town community that is very welcoming while simultaneously being a highly desirable location for celebrities and business execs to live and raise a family.  Downtown Sierra Madre has small restaurants and shops. Sierra Madre hosts a locally famous Independence Day parade and three days of festivities each year. The town of Sierra Madre is an exclusive community and Overland Plumbing understands the discretion and attention to detail that is required to provide the highest level of service in this  neighborhood.  We are big fans of the area and have been serving the residents of Sierra Madre for over 20 years. Our trucks are always nearby, fully stocked and ready to answer your calls no matter the time of the day or week.  If you need to contact us for an emergency… or non-emergency… we are always happy to help with any plumbing issue.

Our professional plumbing technicians are experts at repairing all types of leaks, toilets, faucets, water heaters, drain and sewer pipes, garbage disposals, freshwater pipes, re-circulating pumps, gas lines and earthquake valves. We take pride in nurturing home-grown plumbers through our in-house training program. Rush repairs are never a problem for our team, so call us today for a FREE estimate at (877) 877-3322.

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